Keyword Search

Posted by: David Preis, Director of Operations

Our Members have asked for it, and we have delivered it: Members can now search our U.S. Charitable Giving Database by any keyword! (This new search method complements our Advanced Search, which is a powerful way to identify grantmakers by using preset search criteria terms that our researchers have carefully crafted based on grantmakers’ priorities.)

One of our Members is in Buffalo, New York. She said that she’s been getting results using the Advanced Search, but when filtering for the state of New York, she finds a lot of grantmakers who focus only on New York City. Now she can type Buffalo in the Keyword Search and access those grantmakers that are giving in her city. So if you are in a major metro area in a particular state, searching with your city or county as the keyword can target possible funders for you quickly.

Another Member mentioned that she wants to zero in on human trafficking since that is her organization’s primary mission. Typing “trafficking” in the keyword search can yield results. She should still explore other opportunities with the Advanced Search using terms in the Social Services category, but the Keyword Search is a great place to start.

Our Director of Communications Jeremy Smith made a short video demonstrating how the Keyword Search works, so check that out if you want to see it in action!

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